Ozobot Creative Coding

Ozobots are tiny robots that love colors and can be controlled by students using pen and paper, tablets, or computers. Our curriculum implements a robust and award-winning robot to teach coding, math, science, and other relevant topics! We recommended this class for children aged 5 -7, and it serves as a beginner or entry-level into the world of STEAM. Students start off using plain white paper and markers to draw lines and add color codes as they watch the Ozobot read & react to their commands! The course challenges students to think creatively, solve problems using scientific methodology, algorithms, and more!

This class runs on SATURDAYS from 9 am – 10:15 am.

Start Date 2023-06-06
YearsOld 5-7(Years)
Class Size 12(Kids)
Class Time 15:15-16:00
Cost $499

Students learn the following STEAM lessons

  • Science: Apply the scientific method, explore the light color spectrum, patterns, and communication methods.
  • Technology-Coding Analyze problems and design algorithms to program robot actions, use logic, and develop reasoning using Blockly, a visual drag-and-drop coding tool.
  • Engineering Line following, sensors, calibrate the robot, navigate mazes, and explore engineering principles.
  • Arts: Colors, patterns, drawing, music, and also writing, timelines, story telling, and creating presentations.
  • Math: Reason abstractly and explore the number line, fractions, probability, statistics, solving real world problems, geometry, angles, curves, diameter, distance, time, measuring and variables.

Rich Computer Language Activities for vocabulary

Children pick up words fast and we understand this so we ensure our instructors act and speak professionally yet simple enough for kids to begin to familiarize the terms in technology very early

Classes are held on Saturdays and run for 1 hour 15 mins plus an additional 1 Hour of Code during the weekday, making a total of 2 hours 15 mins workload per week. Students are free to come in on any of the days assigned to make up their hour of code. Please see timetable for schedule of regular classes and hour of code.

Reading Skills

Reading Skills

Students learn to read code in the form of visual language and this helps to improve their reading skills overall.

Writing Skills

Writing Skills

Every activity is designed to empower students with the confidence to not only write code but general English writing and also pitching their ideas to others.

Achievement & Points

Early Learner

Creative Coder

Visual Thinker